• Python CLI

                  MobileCoin command-line interface

                  Command line interface and client library for MobileCoin full-service node.


                  sudo apt install python3-pip
                  pip3 install .

                  Check that it is installed.

                  mobcli -h

                  Set up environment variables.

                  Copy the config file to your home directory.

                  cp ~/

                  Add the following lines to your .bashrc:

                  if [ -f "$HOME/" ]; then
                      source "$HOME/"

                  The environment variables file specifies to connect to the test network by default, but you can change it to connect to the main network if you know what you’re doing, and are confident you will not lose actual funds.

                  Start the server

                  mobcli start

                  List of commands

                  • start
                  • stop
                  • create
                  • rename
                  • import
                  • export
                  • delete
                  • list
                  • send


                  Electron Wallet


                  Signal SDK