• Grants

                  We are now accepting grant applications. The new application is the first step in the newly MobileCoin Developer Grant Program, a community-focused source of funding and support for promising developers and teams.

                  “The purpose of the program is to grow the developer community, encourage collaboration amongst developers, and foster open-source projects to promote further adoption,” Colin Lowenberg, the Head of Developer Relations for MobileCoin.

                  Inspired by startup programs like AWS Activate and Y Combinator, the MobileCoin Developer Program offers several benefits for developers including:

                  • Funding — Developers will receive funds in MobileCoin (MOB) or US Dollars (USD) based on their team size and project milestones.
                  • Office Hours: Grant development teams will meet with MobileCoin each month and receive guidance and best practices.
                  • Tools & Resources — Early access to the latest open source documentation and resources
                  • Technical Support — Direct and responsive support from MobileCoin team members in a special Discord channel
                  • Networking — Introductions to industry leaders, investors, and other development teams.
                  • Demo Days: top developers will present their projects to investors, advisors, and developers in the MobileCoin community via blogs and live streams.

                  Grants will be awarded to developers who submit proposals and follow through on their commitments. Funding for grant recipients will be distributed based on key milestones. demonstrated with open-source software and demos, and shown a willingness to remain open-source and collaborate with the MobileCoin community.

                  Milestones for each project will be determined as part of the grant application. A milestone is a goal, such as the development of a feature, the release of a working beta, or the completion of the work. Developers who complete their milestones will present their work to the community on Demo Day.


                  What types of projects will be funded?

                  We are open to any ideas that add value to the MobileCoin ecosystem. We are committed to a transparent process and would like to set expectations for the types of projects that will be considered for funding. Developers who apply for grants from the developer program will need to outline how their contributions will add value to the MobileCoin ecosystem. MobileCoin Ecosystem

                  Infrastructure Projects

                  We are looking for developers who can build the tools and infrastructure needed to run the MobileCoin network. Examples Include: Wallets, Block Explorers, APIs, Frameworks, and Component Libraries.


                  The better the user experience of MobileCoin, the stronger the value. MobileCoin is seeking projects that support the development of integration with a wide range of payments use cases including: Peer-to-peer, Invoicing, Payroll, Point of Sale, Remittances


                  MobileCoin is committed to remaining carbon-negative and planet-friendly. We seek to attract projects that address environmental impact. These sorts of projects align strongly with our values, as they  ensure we are responsibly building a better blockchain environment.


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