Desktop Wallet

How to download and set up your MobileCoin Desktop Wallet

by Emily


The MobileCoin desktop wallet is available for Mac, Ubuntu, Redhat and Linux operating systems.

MobileCoin Desktop Wallet Download Process For Mac

If you’ve already downloaded and set up your MobileCoin desktop wallet, learn how to add funds here. 

  1. Allow downloads from
  2. Open the MobileCoin Wallet installer from your downloads folder.
  3. Drag the Wallet icon into your Applications folder.
  4. Double-click the MobileCoin Wallet app in your Applications folder.
  5. Allow your Mac to open the app.

  6. Create a password for your Wallet and click the TERMS OF USE.
  7. Read through TERMS OF USE carefully.
  8. Once complete, click CLOSE TERMS OF USE to return to set up.
  9. Check the box next to “I have read and accept the TERMS OF USE” and click CREATE WALLET.
  10. Choose an Account Name if desired and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

  11. Click SHOW SECRET ENTROPY. Save your Secret Entropy in a secure location and click I HAVE SECURED MY ENTROPY.
  12. Confirm that you have secured your entropy, or go back to view it again. 
  13. Set a Transaction Pin and a minimum MobileCoin amount for pin-activated transfers.
  14. Click SET PIN.

Welcome to MobileCoin Wallet! Now you’re ready to add some money to your wallet!